Operation & Safety
  • Six parallel channels.
  • Six quantitative analyses simultaneously.
  • Six results in less than 16 minutes using emergency markers or PATHFAST® Presepsin.

This gives PATHFASTTM its unique speed with up to six different markers or a single marker for one or more patients’ samples in the same run. It is always safe and perfectly efficient.

The use of whole blood saves time in obtaining the results while the patient is still at the point of care. Whole blood can be used as sample material so no laborious centrifuge routine is required. Plasma and serum can also be used.

The handling is extremely easy using these 3 steps:

  • Apply the sample to the reagent cartridge,
  • Insert the reagent cartridge into the analyser and add one pipette tip for each test
  • Press the start button.

PATHFASTTM processes the patient samples fully automatically. Lab quality results are generated in a simple 3 step process with no additional reagents, buffer solutions or accessoires (e.g. capillaries, cuvettes) required. No water connection or drain is necessary. No special skills are necessary, only a short training is required to operate the PATHFASTTM. Other practical advantages are the highest operating safety and minimum maintenance expense.