The Sepsis marker: PATHFAST Presepsin

What is PATHFASTTM Presepsin?

PATHFASTTM Presepsin is a chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA) for the quantitative measurement of the Presepsin concentration in whole blood or plasma. PATHFASTTM Presepsin improves the diagnosis and prognosis of sepsis defining its level of severity. It is a valid indicator of risk stratification in septic patients. Due to the fast analysis in less than 17 minutes and the high prognostic value even at patient’s admission, PATHFASTTM Presepsin is useful in laboratories, emergency- and intensive care units and neonatal departments. An early diagnosis with an excellent prognostic performance and its ability to respond rapidly to the variety of clinical conditions make PATHFASTTM Presepsin the ideal tool for monitoring treatment, selecting the correct antibiotic-dose or changing it if ineffective.